House Cleaning Games for Kids and Adults

House Cleaning Games for Kids and Adults

Not many people enjoy cleaning the house. After all, it can be laborious and time consuming. In some families, the majority of the chores are completed by one person. It can be very difficult to get the entire family to do their fair share. I am not against bribery, but it does not always work. Kids and adults alike have been known to ignore their own messes, and they argue about having to pick up items they did not use.
Games can make house cleaning fun. Maintain a positive attitude, and instead of becoming angry and making demands, encourage the entire family to participate in house cleaning games. Busting household clutter can be enjoyable for adults and kids alike. I regularly use these techniques, and I award prizes for a job well done.

Musical Cleaning Games

Musical chairs is one of the most popular party games for kids. It is a classic game of speed and chance, and kids have enjoyed it for decades. Use similar games to encourage kids and adult family members to finish their chores. However, sitting down is not the goal. The object of the game is to finish one chore within the span of one or two songs. For example, unloading the dishwasher might be a one song job, while folding and putting away a basket of clothes might require two songs.

Begin by listing individual chores on colored-coded pieces of paper. Have participants select a color according to their age and skill level. Participants that have satisfactorily finished their job before the song or songs have ended will be awarded a prize. Be sure to note how many songs to play for each chore. To avoid confusion, write song numbers on the backs of the color coded pieces of paper.

Plastic Egg Games

When my oldest boys were much younger I purchased packages of cheap plastic Easter eggs that snapped apart in the center. I wrote chores on small pieces of notebook paper, and I placed the papers inside of the eggs. I had the kids choose a specific color, one egg at a time. The egg they chose contained a chore that they could easily complete. When the chores were finished they turned in their eggs. I checked to see if they did a good job, and I returned the eggs with small prizes inside. My kids loved our house cleaning games, especially when they knew they would receive prizes.

Pretend the House is a Fine Hotel

I use a different tactic to get my nine year old daughter to help with house cleaning, and we both have a lot of fun in the process. We pretend that our house is a hotel, and we have to clean it for the guests. She loves our imaginary hotel games, and cleaning is much more fun. She empties trashcans, dusts and cleans bathroom sinks with cleaning wipes. I do the harder jobs, but we enjoy pretending to be someone else for a little while. I will always remember the games I played sons and my daughter, and I hope that they will remember how much fun we had when they have kids and homes of their own.

Source: Personal Experience